top 25 naley episodes - 22 - 2x20; lifetime piling up.

“they haven’t invented words for how much i love you.”


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3/4 Troy and Britta

stydixa asked: the lucky one. the life time movie, "the lost valentine". She's the man. Friends with Benefits.

Thank you!

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Some of my all time fave RomComs: 27 Dresses, This Means War, Life As We Know It, 17 Again, The Proposal, You Again, Leap Year, Bride Wars, Something Borrowed

I’ve seen and loved most of these, but have been meaning to watch This Means War for the longest time! Thank you!!

I need a bunch of suggestions for some good comedy and romcom movies for a girly movie night! Preferably nothing too old.

Jeff: I love you. Now I know this puts you in an awkwardly powerful position, but I have to know right now, in front of everyone, do you love me too?
Britta: More than anything in the world.

“Who am I? Who am I?”